Pumpkin Faces Patterns

What would Halloween be without pumpkins? This collection of pumpkin faces will help you design and carve your perfect pumpkin. And what's better than free pumpkin face patterns and templates? Some of these are just downright cute and others are exceedingly scary, but with so many to choose from, we know you will find the perfect pumpkin template!

Charlie Brown, Shaun of the Dead, tribal, scary bats, Herman Munster, cartoon characters and many more pumpkin faces can be found here. Carving out faces can be lots of fun and these pumpkin face patterns will help you create the perfect face on the perfect pumpkin. Great for Halloween parties or just for entertaining the kiddos, these pumpkin faces are easy and free so start carving!

  • 10 detailed pumpkin faces to carve
    Get ready to create horrendous pumpkin faces with scary and creepy skulls. It is easy to design these pumpkin patterns.
  • Printable carving faces
    Printable carving faces are easy and simple to carve and design. These patterns are really scary and horrifying and can be learned conveniently and quickly.
  • Draw a Pumpkin Face
    If you want to draw some crazy pumpkin faces, try this website. These faces are really amazing.
  • Tribal Pumpkin
    Get ready to create something thing interesting and inspirational that is a Tribal pumpkin. It can be carved easily and quickly.
  • Over 150 intricate pumpkin faces to carve
    There are over 150 patterns of these pumpkin faces which can be carved effortlessly using simple stencils.
  • Over 400 pumpkin carving patterns
    Now you can create your own classic pumpkin carving patterns. These patterns are designed using software which enhance its aspects and made it look real.
  • Zombie Pumpkin Patterns
    Want to like to create something really horrifying and scary? Then prepare yourself for Zombie pumpkin patterns. There are eleven frightening themes of Zombie pumpkin patterns.
  • Pumpkin Carving Patterns
    Pumpkin carving patterns can be carved and designed conveniently and quickly. Here is a wide variety of scary carving patterns.
  • 18 scary and not so scary pumpkin templates
    If you want to create something interesting and appealing, then try these pumpkin templates. These templates are really amusing and scary. Kids can also enjoy this activity.
  • Cool Pumpkin Heads
    Cool pumpkin heads are seven different scary faces which can be designed using different drawing instructions. This activity help kids to learn and inspire from it.
  • Draw A Pumpkin
    Get ready to draw some cute and scary pumpkins. There is a tutorial which helps you design this appealing pumpkin.


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