Pumpkin Carving Pattern - Spider Web

Here is a spider web pattern to use in carving out your own pumpkin. Just print the template, transfer the lines onto the pumpkin and carve out the spider web.

The spider web pattern is intricate so take your time and it will look really cool. Use a pumpkin carving tool or kitchen knife to cut out the spider web.

Spiderweb Pumpkin Caving

Click here to view the spider web template to use with this carving.

Print the spider web stencil, attach it to your pumpkin with straight pins or tape.

Then use a pin or pen to mark the spider web outline on the pumpkin. You can try dragging the straight pin or pen to transfer the outline, or just poke holes, then connect them after removing the paper.

A nail also works pretty well for transferring the design.

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