Pumpkin Carving Patterns - Bat Patterns

Here are some bat halloween pumpkin patterns to use in carving out your own pumpkin. Just print the template, transfer the lines onto the pumpkin and carve out the bat.

The first bat below is pretty easy. The second bat pattern won't be too hard if you take your time and are careful. Use a pumpkin carving tool or kitchen knife to cut out the bat.

Bat Pumpkin Caving

Click here to view the bat template to use with this pumpkin carving.

Print the bat stencil, attach it to your pumpkin with straight pins or tape.

Then use a pin or pen to mark the bat outline on the pumpkin. You can try dragging the straight pin or pen to transfer the outline, or just poke holes, then connect them after removing the paper.

A nail also works pretty well for transferring the design.

Click here to view the bat and moon halloween template.

Print this PDF file with the bats and moon to use as a template. You may want to make the lines thicker on the bats before starting.

Transfer the bat pattern onto the pumpkin as described above. It might be easier to trim your pattern before beginning so you can use the edge of the paper with your straight pin or pen.

Take your time carving this pattern and gently push the pieces through.

Pumpkin Carving - Bats

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