Haunted House Halloween Props and Ideas

If you are interested in creating a haunted house this Halloween then you have come to the right place for free projects and helpful tips. A haunted house is a fun and scary Halloween tradition and making your own can be a really fun and enjoyable time for all involved.

To get you started you may want to consider one or several of these free projects, such as a portrait where the eyes follow you, a list of eerie music to play or making fake body parts.

To really get your haunted house going, try creating a coffin that pops up with a skeleton inside, spiders that touch the top of heads and of course zombies and ghosts that come after those who dare to pass through. This is just a few of the many projects you can make to have the best haunted house ever.

  • Make Your Own
    Helpful hints, directions for halloween props, and other suggestions to help you get started making your own haunted house. You will find many pictures too.
  • Haunted Portrait
    Instructions for a portrait where the eyes always follow you.
  • Haunted Mirror
    instructions for making a mirror with changing reflections. As you gaze into it, your reflection fades away and three spirits peer at you from the other side.
  • Paper-Mache Skulls
    Instructions for duplicating a skull with paper mache
  • Halloween Audio
    A complete list of Halloween music and sounds to use with your Haunted House.
  • Halloween Props
    This monster site has hundreds of props for a scary halloween outside or inside.
  • Rickety Floor
    Guests are walking along a hallway when the floor suddenly jolts to one side as they step.
  • Haunted Books
    Instructions for making a row of books that move in and out of a bookshelf
  • Halloween Projects
    The Adams Family would love this site and so will you if your looking for really far-out props for Halloween!
  • Ghosts of Halloween
    Many Halloween projects including ghosts,coffin, mazes, stone entrance, hands, tombstones, iron fence and more.
  • Twisted Vision
    Props and tips ... also a lot of cool stuff including sculptures, pictures, makeup and mold making tips.
  • Haunted House Props
    Here are 26 props to choose from and remember all of these are goolish and scary............so beware!
  • Fright FX
    This website is a wealth of information in all things spooky for the haunt industry.


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