Halloween Tips and How-To's

If you have tried time and time again to get just the right look using make-up, fake blood, body glitter or whatever, then this is a great place for you to find helpful tips and how-to's for most anything having to do with Halloween costumes or fun affects for your home.

Some of the cool tips and how-to’s you can find here are recipes for fake blood, bullet wounds, skulls, eye balls, brains, clown faces, tips on eerie music, milk jug monsters and a lot more. No matter what you might have in mind for your Halloween celebration, you can find Halloween tips right here. Make this Halloween the best ever and most of all, have fun!

  • Homemade Make-up and Wounds
    Go to the bottom of the long page to find clown make-up, bullet wounds and more.
  • Halloween Audio
    A complete list of Halloween music and sounds to use with your Haunted House.
  • Possessed Mailbox
    When trick 'o treaters get close to your mail box, it suddenly starts banging open and closed and a bright green light streams out.
  • Spooky House
    From these basic skulls, you can add whatever final details you wish.
  • How To Props
    How to make milk jug monsters.
  • Haunters Hangout
    Basic information on how to make a clay mask.
  • Zombie Arms
    These zombie arms can be made from scrap wood or wire coat hangers. They are inexpensive props that can really accent your yard when combined with foam tombstones.
  • Face Make-up
    It is so easy to make your own makeup for Halloween. Instructions for makeup for bruises, facial hair and more!
  • An Old Person
    It's always fun to dress up like an old person........and with this technique it's quick and easy and looks great!
  • Scars/Warts/Scabs
    These can look so real and make your costume ideas come alive! Enjoy being really scarry this Halloween!
  • Fake Blood
    No goolish monster, dracula, or zombie is complete without fake blood. Make the fake blood you need using this blood recipe.


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