Halloween Decorations

Frighteningly easy Halloween decorations for a bewitching Halloween can be found right here. To do Halloween right, you have to decorate and you can make some awesome Halloween decorations using these free patterns.

Halloween decorations include creating a spider’s web with eggs inside using ping pong balls and a few other items. Make a scary witch on a broom or a cool looking skeleton sitting in a rocking chair for the front porch.

Learn how to make monster foot prints and a scary tree shadow. Make your home the best decorated house for Halloween and help give the tricker-or-treaters a fun and scary Halloween this year.

  • Halloween decorations and party ideas
    Create monster footprints, bobbing ghosts, icky cobwebs, body parts, sound effects and lighting from these instructions.
  • Monster list of halloween decorations
    This site has over 700 links to do-it-yourself projects for Halloween!
  • Lots of homemade decoration ideas
    Guillotine, skeleton in rocking chair, tons more of ideas - most very cheap!
  • Halloween Audio
    A complete list of Halloween music and sounds to use with your Haunted House.
  • Make A Spider Web
    With this pattern you can make your own spider webs and create a really spooky affect.
  • Spooky Spider Egg Sac
    With ping pong balls, chicken wire and a few other items you can make a really cool looking spider egg sac!
  • Make A Witch
    Here you can use bottle brushed to make these scary looking witches and display them this Halloween.
  • Tree Shadows
    Using card stock and a simple tea light candle you can create this awesome affect of an eerie tree shadow.
  • Papier Mache Halloween Decorations
    Using papier mache and these instructions you can make little pumpkins, a witch, scary cat and more halloween decorations.
  • Quick and Easy Halloween decorations
    Decorate your home indoors and outdoors with these Halloween decorations. Check out these fun ideas for your tabletop, pumpkins and much more.
  • ScaryGuys Projects
    Several projects built for Halloween decorations for parties and for haunts. All are straightforward and relatively easy to build.
  • Halloween Lanterns
    Brighten up this Halloween my making a set of Halloween lanterns all strung together for hanging.
  • A Halloween Door Wreath
    By using strips of fabric with Halloween colors you can easily make this country style Halloween wreath.
  • Black Bird Project
    This project involves black birds sitting on twigs that are place in a large vase and looks great when done.
  • Easy Halloween Table Decor
    Turn your console or entry table into a Halloween nightmare just my following these simple instructions.
  • Cat Mask Project
    Here is a step by step project with pictures to help you make a really cool Cat Mask for Halloween.
  • Halloween Decorations
    These projects include props for a Halloween party.


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