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Get ready for Halloween with free pumpkin crafts. Nothing says Halloween more than a pumpkin and you can create a pumpkin in several different ways by selecting a pumpkin crafts project that best suits your taste. Start getting ready for the witching hour with one of these many pumpkin crafts.

Browse through all the pumpkin crafts that you can create out of fabric, mod podge, gourds, pins and many more fun projects. Gather the family around the table with supplies ready to go and make sweet memories by creating Halloween decor for your home or to wear on a sweater to work or school.

Each one of these free pumpkin crafts will give you detailed instructions along with a picture of the finished product. Have a spooky Halloween and watch out for those goblins!

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  • Wall Pumpkin
    Use wall pumpkins to decorate your home walls. Create sophisticated pumpkin wall hangings with these step by step tutorials that are an easy and fun activity to do with your family.
  • Adorable Fabric Pumpkin
    An all new way of decorating your home. Create these fabric pumpkins that can be used as a show piece or centerpiece for your tables. These are easy to make.
  • Pretty Patchwork Pumpkin
    Use your old clothes or bed sheets to make these pretty patchwork pumpkins. These are effortless to make and will give a Halloween touch to any room as well.
  • Fabric, Paper or Wood Pumpkin Crafts
    Try out these brand new ways of making Halloween pumpkins without an actual pumpkin. Step by step tutorials to make fabric, paper or wood pumpkin crafts. Now embellish your home in a Halloween fashion.
  • Make a Fish Bowl Pumpkin
    Here's a great new idea! Make a fish bowl pumpkin. Here you will find all the instructions and tips to make your own fish bowl pumpkin that looks just astounding.
  • Painted Pumpkin
    A great project for kids as well as for adults. Use your imagination by making a painted pumpkin. This includes step by step tutorial to make your own unique painted pumpkin.
  • Another Fabric Pumpkin
    Long lasting artificial pumpkins that are easy to make and look delightful. This is another fabric pumpkin tutorial with step by step instructions on creating the stem and the pumpkin.
  • Cannibal Pumpkin
    Create your own pumpkin fight! This plan has descriptive step by step tutorial to create a cannibal pumpkin and a pumpkin eating another smaller pumpkin. This one is going to be a scary and unnerving pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin Pin
    Create cute little pumpkin pins that take very little time and are fun to make with family. Work with your kids to make your ideas into action and create your own unique pumpkin pin.
  • Pumpkin Puzzle and Cat with Pumpkin Puzzle
    This Halloween, gift your young ones a self made pumpkin puzzle and cat with pumpkin puzzle. It's easy to make and is a fascinating and indulging game for the kids. The kids will love it.


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