Halloween Costumes for Babies

Here are free ideas for toddler and baby Halloween costumes. Make your little one shine this Halloween by creating an adorable costume just for her or him. Baby Halloween costumes range from extremely easy to a bit more difficult to make and the great thing is, you get to choose which.

Imagine your little one dressed up as a beanie baby, a little kitten, cute cupcake, fairy princess, fire breathing dragon, or even a sweet little daisy. No matter if you are looking to dress a boy or girl, you are sure to find just the right baby Halloween costume.

Some of the baby Halloween costumes require some or very little sewing, while others are created using items found around the house. Get started making a great baby Halloween costume for your little one!

  • Cute Toddler Costumes
    Here are free patterns for a fairy, lady bug, deviled egg, chocolate chip cookie, elf hat and pumpkin applique.
  • Sweet Cupcake
    Here is a pattern for a cupcake with sprinkles along with patterns for peter pan, a pirate and more.
  • A Dragon
    Make this child's costume of a fire breathing dragon with scales and a large dragon head.
  • Child's Bear Costume
    All you need to make this bear is a child's sleeper, stocking cap, red t-shirt and of course some felt for the honey bucket.
  • Baby Chick Costume
    Here is a cute baby Halloween costume for a baby girl. Just by hot gluing some feathers to a tu tu and making a feather head dress you can create this sweet baby chick costume.
  • Corn on the Cob
    With some green felt and some empty egg cartons painted yellow, you can make your child a corn on the cob costume.
  • A Gnome
    Here is an adorable costume that is quick and easy to whip up using things from your child's wardrobe.
  • Hoot Owl
    Make your child into a cool looking owl this Halloween with the help of these easy instructions.
  • Cute Cookie Costume
    Make a cute chocolate chip cookie costume for a baby or toddler with this easy plan.


Kids Halloween Costumes

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