Vampire Cupcakes

Vampire Halloween Cupcakes - Homemade Halloween Cupcake Recipe

Make these cute vampire Halloween cupcakes for your family or Halloween party. Easy recipe for these homemade Halloween cupcakes.

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  • Halloween Cupcake Ideas

    Vampire Cupcakes Recipe

  • Supplies:
  • Cake mix (your choice)
  • One 16 oz container of white frosting (any flavor)
  • Green and Yellow food coloring
  • Black Decorating Icing in tube
  • Decorating couplers
  • Icing decorating tips- wilton #3 and #22
  • cupcake liners

  • Follow the instructions on the cake mix box and make the cake batter. Fill the cupcake liners 3/4 full. Bake according to directions on box.

    Place 3/4 of the white frosting in a bowl, add one drop of yellow food coloring and one drop of green food coloring. Continue to add one drop of each till desired lime-green color.

    When cupcakes are cool, spread green frosting on cupcakes. For best results, place frosted cupcakes in fridge for about an hour to let the frosting harden.

    After an hour, apply black frosting by attaching tip #22 and coupler to frosting tube. Start halfway down the cupcake and spread upward line towards the edge for vampire's hair. Switch to tip #3 and attach to black frosting tube. Outline the hairline, draw two eyes and a smile. Using a toothpick, apply two dabs of white frosting for the fangs.

    Preparing for Halloween Cupcakes

    Green Frosting for Halloween Vampire Cupcakes