Halloween Crafts & Freebies

Here are many simple (and inexpensive!) ways to make your own Halloween decorations. Start creating early for this ghoulish holiday for an especially fun Halloween!

Have fun carving a pumpkin masterpiece or create your own fun and frightful Halloween costumes. Get ideas, inspiration, and guidance, then create the Halloween of your dreams!

  Pumpkin Carving Patterns:

Carve A PumpkinThere are so many pumpkin carving patterns to choose from. The 5 pumpkin carving pages include faces from the simple to the intricate.  Print out a pattern and start carving.

Or if you would rather paint or accessorize your pumpkin instead of carving, check out some of the ideas on the pumpkin designs page.

 Halloween Crafts:

Halloween CraftsThe holidays are always such a fun time for crafting and Halloween is no exception.  Choose from Halloween crafts made from fabric, wood, paper, clay, styrofoam and more. 

Create scary crafts or adorably cute crafts with one of these Halloween crafts patterns. Pumpkins, witches, ghosts and more abound on these pages.

 Halloween Costumes:

Halloween CostumesSave money this year and make your own unique Halloween costumes. There are so many costume ideas to browse through from babies to adults.

From fun to bizarre, Halloween costumes are so fun to make. And many of them can be made with items you already have lying around the house.  Find your costume groove in the adult costumes, kids costumes or baby costumes.

 Other Freebies:

Halloween Other FreebiesThe other freebies category includes such winners as Halloween yard decorations and Halloween decorations. Now you can decorate your house inside and outside with these free instructions and patterns.

Longing for a haunted house? Make your own this year. The tips and how-to's page covers items like how to make fake blood or brains.  And for the little ones, check out the Halloween coloring pages for excitement.

Kids Halloween Costumes

Purchase Outside Halloween Yard and Lawn Decorations:

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